¿Qué es modismo?

Es un sello independiente creado el 2007 con base en Chile. Nuestra misión está orientada a editar artistas latinoamericanos y de todo el mundo. Ser un abanico sonoro donde nuestra prioridad es disfrutar de la buena música y compartirla con ustedes.

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Se inscribe dentro del movimiento de música de experimentación electrónica, rescatando las raíces de la cultura urbana, significando para sus integrantes, una plataforma de difusión y distribución de sus creaciones. Bajo una modalidad libre de derechos comerciales (copyleft), representa los intereses de los usuarios al acceso oportuno, sin restricciones ni mediaciones, a material de orden cultural.

Chile No Está En Guerra (Various artists)

This song collection is inspired on current events going on in Chile. The fuel had been spraying for a long time, it only took a little spark that lit everything. The inequality, beyond numbers, is evident, the political class tryed to cover the sun with one finger. Thanks to the small actions of students, many citizens finally opened their eyes. These days, in the streets of the big cities, violence and repression have affected "normality", but, what is the cost of normality? This is the big question, therefore, the protests have no signs of stopping. One of the main victims of this demonstrations, have been the ones with eye damage. As we open our eyes, they have tried to blind us. That is why this composition is for the benefit of them, in words Alisu, Chilean producer behind Modismo and of putting together this record: "We decided that the more direct way to channel this aid is to give it to the young people who have lost their sight in peaceful marches, at the end of pellets fired by the armed forces in charge of the president."