Alisú is Jessica Campos de la Paz’ project. She is a producer and graphic designer. She was born in Viña del Mar, Chile. In 1998 Jessica starts her musical career by founding the project Manziping along with Rodrigo Rivera and Antonio Díaz. Together they perform at different festivals and events such as Earthdance, Mutek Chile, Drum and Bass Festival, Deck 00 Muelle Barón among others. Subsequently, Alisú edits her first album as a solo called ‘Fotogramas’ under Impar Netlabel (2007). She presents her music as a form of live set under diverse contexts and mixing Dub, Techno, IDM and Experimental sounds. Alisú has published her music under label Tropic (Germany), Yukiyaki (Germany), Pueblo Nuevo (Chile), Modismo(Chile) and she has been part of diverse compilations and remixes in Mexico, Argentina, Spain and Germany.
She has also composed music for different documentaries in Chile.
Her compositions portrait organic ambients produced with analog synths, field recor- dings, catchy rhythmic bases that slide over deep basses, along with her voice processed by effects that invite us to a trip through watery resonant depths where she constantly moves around with a exquisite selection of sounds.
Currently, Alisú manages Modismo, an electronic music label located in Chile.

Estilos: Dub Techno, IDM, Experimental.



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